We believe you deserve

truth & freedom.

Here’s our approach to rating brands:

Freedom, baby.

At Buy Woke Free, we’re all about peeling back the layers to reveal what’s really behind the brands you use every day. Our unique Wokeness Rating is designed to cut through the noise and help you understand just how much a brand aligns with woke ideologies.

We keep it simple and straightforward so you can quickly see where a brand stands and decide if they’re aligned with your values.

What goes into the wokeness rating?

First, we comb through the internet looking at publicly available information like articles, videos, press releases, and company websites to get the real story behind each brand’s public facade. These direct insights ensure our ratings aren’t just guesswork.

We think you deserve the freedom to know the truth and to decide for yourself. That’s why we share our sources on each brand profile. This way, you can look through the evidence for yourself and trust that we aren’t just making things up.

Our Scoring Approach:
How do we decide how woke a brand is?

For each brand, we look these four major areas of their business:

Group 1805 1 1

What are their marketing practices like?

i. Do they pander to Social Justice groups and causes?
ii. Is the brand pro-America? 

Group 1806 2

What are their company policies?

i. Are they listed on the Corporate Equity Index Awards?
ii. Do they have a DEI Program?
iii. Do they publish an ESG Report?

Group 1807 2

Are they engaged in political activism?

i. What kind of political donations 
do they make?
ii. Do they partner with woke 

Group 1820

Is their C-suite on the woke bandwagon?

i. Do they make public statements about woke causes?
ii. Do they participate in woke causes?

Calculating a score:
What do the ratings mean?

Based on our evaluation of each category, we assign up to 100 points to each brand. Then, brands are sorted into four categories of wokness:

bwf notwoke

Not Woke (1-5 points):

No woke agendas getting shoved in your face here. This brand values your freedom and doesn’t hate what you stand for.

bwf midlywoke

Mildly Woke (6-30 points):

Wokeness detected. This brand dabbles in woke trends and virtue signals to make sure people think they’re one of the cool kids.

bwf woke

Woke (31-70 points):

Firmly in the woke camp. This brand is fully on the bandwagon with actions and policies to match.


Extremely Woke (71-100 points):

Leaders of the Woke Mafia. This brand is the ultimate social justice warrior and leads the way as trendsetters for the woke mind virus.

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