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Patriot Shave Razors is a beauty and wellness brand offering premium shaving products specializing in razors. They provide a range of high-quality shaving tools designed to deliver a smooth and comfortable shaving experience, emphasizing patriotism and quality craftsmanship.




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How woke is Patriot Shave Razors?

Patriot Shave

Patriot Shave, a razor company catering to “Traditional Americans,” is making waves in the men’s grooming market. In today’s polarized world, they’ve tapped into a niche that resonates with those seeking affirmation of their values: faith, family, freedom, and tradition. This begs the question: does such a targeted approach limit their reach, or is it a stroke of marketing genius?

They’re not alone in this arena. Patriot Shave joins a growing number of patriotic razor companies like Jeremy’s Razors, each carving its own space by aligning with specific values. This movement highlights a significant shift in consumer behavior where company values are as important as the products themselves. People are now making purchasing decisions based on factors beyond simple product quality.

A Closer Look at Patriot Shave

Patriot Shave offers a diverse product range from 3- and 4-blade razors for men to 3-, 4-, and 5-blade options for women. They also have safety razors, shaving soaps, and deodorants. However, their marketing strategy suggests they’re selling more than just a close shave – they’re selling a statement.

Where are Patriot Razors made?

Patriot Shave emphasizes that its razors, shaving creams, and other products are primarily manufactured in the U.S. This aligns with their values of supporting American businesses and workers and appeals to consumers who prioritize buying domestically produced goods.

Patriot Shave: More than Just Blades and Shaving Cream?

Patriot Shave positions itself as a counter-culture movement. Their website proudly declares they say “NO” to Big Tech, refusing to spend ad dollars on platforms they believe participate in censorship. Instead of “Woke PayPal,” they prioritize keeping money within the “patriot economy” by only allowing payment methods aligned with their values, as stated on their website (What the Hell Happened to PayPal?.).

They showcase their commitment to traditional values by highlighting right-leaning media outlets and personalities who’ve featured them, including Breitbart, The Dan Bongino Show, and The Todd Huff Show. To further solidify their stance, they’ve created the “Patriot Shave Pledge.”

The Patriot Shave Pledge: Putting Money Where Their Mouth Is?

The company pledges 1% of all sales to “causes and groups that share our values and are actively fighting to restore traditional American values and wholesomeness in our culture.” While the specific causes remain unnamed on their website, this commitment adds another layer to their appeal.

This strategy offers a tangible way for customers to feel their purchases contribute to something larger. It’s a tactic employed by other companies like Bombas Socks, who donate a pair for every purchase. Judging by the numerous positive customer reviews Patriot Shave receives, this strategy seems to resonate with its target audience.

Happy Shavers or Savvy Marketing? Delving into Customer Sentiment

The company proudly boasts over 2,000 verified 5-star reviews. These testimonials go beyond praising product quality; they express satisfaction in supporting a company aligned with their beliefs.

Beyond their main offerings, the company partners with Battle Brothers Shaving Co. to create safety razors made in the U.S. from “military aircraft-grade aluminum.” This partnership further emphasizes their commitment to American-made products and supporting veteran-owned businesses.

Beyond Razors: Is This the Future of Consumerism?

The rise of patriotic razor companies like Patriot Shave and Jeremy’s Razors points to a larger trend: consumers seeking brands that reflect their values. This signals a shift where company values hold as much weight as product quality. This trend is also evident in the rise of subscription box services catering to niche communities.

This shift suggests brands may need to align themselves with specific causes or ideologies to resonate with target demographics.


The rise of patriotic razor companies is a fascinating phenomenon reflecting a possible evolution in consumer behavior. It highlights the desire for purchases to reflect personal values and beliefs. Whether a passing trend or a lasting change, this movement underscores the importance of aligning products with shared values to foster customer loyalty.

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