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Meta, formerly known as Facebook, facilitates connections, community building, and business growth through innovative technologies. With billions raised for causes, millions of businesses served, and extensive use of augmented reality, Meta is evolving towards immersive experiences in the metaverse while prioritizing safety, privacy, and user empowerment.


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How woke is Meta Platforms?


Meta Platforms, formerly known as Facebook, is a titan in the tech world, shaping how we connect and communicate online. With its rebranding to Meta, the company is stepping into the future of digital interaction—the metaverse. But what does this shift mean for its alignment with woke ideologies? Let’s dive into Meta’s policies, practices, and initiatives to see just how woke this tech giant really is.

Financial Contributions to Progressive Causes

Meta isn’t shy about putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to progressive politics. Top executives at Meta have collectively donated over $39 million to various political campaigns, spanning both Democratic and Republican candidates. As Forbes reports, “the combined political donations from Meta’s leading figures have surpassed $39 million” .

Furthermore, CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, have donated a whopping $400 million through the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to support election infrastructure during the 2020 U.S. election. This move sparked a lot of debates about the role of private money in public elections. NPR noted, “Mark Zuckerberg and his wife donated $400 million to help election officials manage the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic” .

Prioritization of DEI Policies

Meta is serious about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The company’s 2022 Diversity Report shows a giant leap: doubling the number of women globally and significantly boosting the representation of Black and Hispanic employees in the U.S. since 2019. The report proudly states, “Meta has doubled the number of women in its global workforce and increased the number of Black and Hispanic employees in the U.S. since 2019”.

Moreover, Meta spent $1.26 billion with U.S. certified diverse suppliers and over $306 million with Black-owned businesses in 2021. “Meta exceeded its diverse supplier commitment, spending $1.26 billion with U.S. certified diverse suppliers and over $306 million with Black-owned businesses” . These figures highlight Meta’s deep commitment to DEI, but they also raise questions about prioritizing identity over merit.

Mandatory Training Sessions

If you work at Meta, get ready for some mandatory training sessions on unconscious bias and other DEI topics. These sessions aim to create an inclusive work environment but also suggest that Meta might be leaning heavily into woke ideology, potentially at the expense of traditional performance metrics. The company’s diversity report mentions offering “trainings and live sessions in multiple languages to promote safety and inclusion”.

Free Speech Policies

Meta’s approach to free speech is a hot topic. The company’s content moderation policies have drawn criticism for allegedly restricting free expression, especially conservative viewpoints. Reports of content moderation and account bans for violating community standards have raised eyebrows.

According to Social Media Today, “Meta’s partnerships with political activists to seed coordinated content across its platforms have raised ethical questions about the manipulation of public opinion”. This highlights the tricky balance Meta tries to maintain between curbing harmful speech and protecting free discourse.

Support for LGBTQ+ Initiatives

Meta is a big supporter of LGBTQ+ rights. During Pride Month, the company goes all out, highlighting LGBTQ+ creators and hosting events in the Metaverse Culture Series to explore LGBTQ+ chosen family and community safety.

Meta has also launched tools like Pride-themed avatars and stickers on Facebook Messenger and Instagram and created an LGBTQ+ Safety Center Hub on Facebook. Meta proudly states, “Meta is celebrating Pride Month by highlighting the LGBTQ+ community and creators across its platforms” . These initiatives show Meta’s strong commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusivity.

Marketing and Branding

Meta’s marketing and branding are steeped in social justice and climate change activism. The company runs campaigns such as #MakeItWithPride and supports LGBTQ+ business owners through events like #shopwithPride Live Shopping.

Moreover, Meta’s Sustainability Report highlights its efforts to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and advocate for renewable energy. The report reveals, “Meta has achieved net-zero greenhouse gas emissions for its global operations since 2020”. These initiatives resonate with socially conscious consumers but might be seen as pushing a woke agenda.

Stances on Traditional Family Structures

Meta often challenges traditional family structures and gender roles through its policies and initiatives. The company’s support for diverse gender identities and inclusive policies critiques conventional norms. For instance, the Metaverse Culture Series includes workshops and immersive experiences focused on Black culture and community, exploring non-traditional family dynamics and community safety in the digital age. “Meta aims to recognize Black history as it unfolds and share ways to support the Black community”.

Criticism of Conservative Values

Meta has faced its fair share of criticism for allegedly undermining conservative values. The company’s political activism and content moderation practices are seen by some as biased against conservative viewpoints. For example, Meta’s partnerships with political activists to seed coordinated content across its platforms have raised ethical questions about the manipulation of public opinion.

Social Media Today reports, “Meta’s involvement with political activists underscores the ongoing challenges in addressing the intersection of technology, politics, and the potential manipulation of digital spaces for political purposes”.. This ongoing debate underscores Meta’s influence on digital discourse.


Meta Platforms is a brand deeply embedded in woke ideology through its financial contributions, DEI policies, mandatory training sessions, and support for LGBTQ+ and social justice initiatives. While these efforts align with progressive values, they also ignite debates about free speech, traditional family structures, and political influence. As Meta continues to shape the future of digital interaction, its commitment to these principles will remain a focal point of discussion.

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